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Our website is here to provide you with the easiest way to get someone in Adelaide to get your TV wall mounting completed by a professional.

You should be in Adelaide and finding us because we only deal with customers here in Adelaide and connect you with local installers that are trusted and provide a professional service.

The fun of getting a new TV can soon turn to frustration and anger when you try to install a TV mount yourself. Damage to walls, damage to wiring or even damage to your brand new TV.

TV Wall Mounting is a great way to configure your room just the way you want it. Taking away the need for specialist furniture just for your TV.

The Process is very simple:

1. Fill in the form below, “Request a Quote”.
2. We will get a qualified installer to call you and go through a quote for you.
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Why get a professional to install my TV Wall Mount?

“It’s just a few screws in the wall isn’t it, can’t be that hard?”
Somewhat true, many TV mounts can be basic, find the studs, line up the bracket, drill and screw. 
It can be tricky, especially if it is something you are not used to doing. The last thing that you want is to have your great TV misaligned or damage to your wall and other components.
Each bracket can be unique in the way they work and best way to mount to your particular wall.
This is something that you do not want to get wrong, rather spending the time and stress trying to do a TV mount install yourself, why not get a professional to do it for you and you spend the time enjoying your TV.

“What can go wrong?”
Well, a lot really… Cut through a wall you are not sure about and you could be damaging wall studs, wiring or other things you really don’t want to be touching. 
Damage to your TV. The last thing you want is your whiz bang new TV falling unexpectedly because your TV wall mount has not been secured correctly.
That brand new OLED TV won’t like meeting the floor abruptly.
Coming home to this would not be a great feeling at all:
or this;
For the sake of a few hours and a minor expense compared to your brand new TV, let a professional install your TV and TV wall mount.

“There is a bit more to this actually”…
In most cases, it is not just about the TV wall mount being installed. There are other components, BluRay player, DVD player, Foxtel, Apple TV etc. These all need to be connected and most of the time you want to hide theses, many options are available and a professional installer will be able to assess and decide what are the best options for your setup.

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